Testing Programs

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Industries We Serve

Medivolve is offering on-site and off-site testing programs for groups, businesses, schools and events.

We offer screening and testing services created for risk management and helping employees return to work. 


production companies, show performances


hotels, activities, attractions, staff and patrons


staff, students, sports teams, school activities


weddings, parties, church, social gatherings and more


restaurants, post-offices, utility companies & more


meetings, conventions, safe return to the workplace

Free* PCR Testing Programs

Medivolve offers $0 out-of-pocket PCR COVID-19 testing to anyone with recent exposure or symptoms.

You will not need to pay for expedited PCR testing if there has been a recent exposure. Free testing is available to only insured and uninsured.

Simply provide your insurance information or truthfully declare you are uninsured, and our third-party laboratory will bill your insurance or the Federally funded program uninsured patients. 

You will not be billed.

*Restrictions apply.

COVID-19 IgG Antibody Rapid Test

Rapid Antibody tests tell you instantly whether your body is ready to fight the virus. If you had a previous infection or the vaccine you should have COVID-19 antibodies that will help protect you against the virus.

Even if you had antibodies in the past – don’t forget to retest to see if you still have them. No one knows how long they offer protection for.

And don’t forget, it’s possible to have a positive test result even if you never had any symptoms of COVID-19 because of asymptomatic cases.

Find out in less than 10 minutes if you have antibodies.

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing

The COVID-19 rapid antigen test uses a nasal swab to detect the presence of the virus that causes COVID-19. Medivolve staff are on-site to assist with sample collection, sample preparation and sample results.

While many people with COVID-19 have mild or no symptoms, it is still possible that they could pass the disease to friends, family and loved ones. Meanwhile, others don’t know that they’ve been in close contact with someone with confirmed COVID-19 and accidentally spread the virus.

Rapid antigen testing is crucial in detecting active virus. Find out in less than 10 minutes if you have Covid-19.

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