Clinical Guidelines

Patients are eligible for $0 out-of-pocket costs if they meet one of more of the following clinical guidelines for COVID-19 testing:


 – Experiencing mild symptoms

 – Have been exposed to someone with COVID-19

 – Live or work in a congregate setting

 – Have been asked to get tested by a healthcare professional, contact investigator, or public health department.


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a PCR, a rapid antigen, and a rapid antibody test.

PCR: This test is a shallow nasal swab that is shipped to our CLIA certified lab partner, and your results will indicate whether you are currently positive or negative for COVID-19.

Rapid Antigen: This test is also a nasal swab and will indicate whether you are currently positive or negative for COVID-19. It does not get sent to the lab, but it will provide a positive or negative result within 15-20 minutes.

Rapid Antibody: The rapid antibody test is a blood test. It will detect if you’re currently carrying antibodies for COVID-19, which could be from a previous case of COVID-19. This test does not get sent to the lab and will provide results within 10-15 minutes. Results may vary depending on an individual’s antibody levels and the type of antibody test being administered.

The tests provided by Medivolve are between 95-98.6 % accurate.

Yes, all tests offered at our facilities are FDA approved with Emergency Use Authorization.

Our tests are provided by a licensed CLIA certified lab. Lab partner may vary by location.

No, a physician referral is not required.

Walk-ups are welcome at most locations. However, we highly recommend booking an appointment in an effort to reduce your wait time, especially during times of high demand. You may book on our website or call our support team for assistance.

We ask that you bring your insurance card and a valid ID or passport. We prefer that you bring a physical insurance card. In some cases, an electronic copy may be accepted.

There are no age requirements, but an adult needs to be present with any patient under the age of 18.

A parent or guardian needs to be present for testing with a valid ID or passport. In some cases, written authorization from the parent, along with a copy of their ID, may be accepted.

Most of our locations are not set up to provide drive-thru service. Some locations administer tests inside our cubes, and others are administered through a window. If you wish to stay in your car during testing, please let our staff members know so they can best accommodate you.

PCR tests are sent to our CLIA certified partner lab for processing. It is the most accurate testing option and can detect early stages of COVID-19.

Your specimen is sent next day via UPS to a partner lab located in Illinois. In most cases, after the lab has received your specimen, it takes about 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and major holidays) for your electronic results to be sent to you. We are not able to guarantee that any results will be received within a specific timeframe needed for traveling. Delays are to be expected around holidays or during times of high demand.

In most cases, the official report for our rapid tests are available in your patient portal immediately after your tests are submitted by our medical staff. However, there are times you may receive your results via email instead. If you need assistance with locating your report with your confirmed results, please contact our support team.

After verification from the lab, we will re-test at no charge.

We are not administering COVID-19 vaccines at this time.

You may call our support team at 702-853-4318 or email us at